App replacement and its need

Generally, when you are moving a template from one workspace to another, you also intend to replace one of the apps in the template with the new host app. With the replace app feature, you can replace all the activities of one app in the template, with those of another app.

The most common case of this is when you are moving a template from one environment of your app to the next. This supports the staged rollout for integrations to your users. This feature helps you instantly replace all the activities from one version of your app with the other one.


As one app is going to be a drop-in replacement for the other, both these apps much have the same:

The process

Let’s discuss this process with an example. Say that your host app on Integry is Salesforce and you have a dev version as well as the production versions of your app, as shown below.

Now you have created a template in the Salesforce dev workspace, an integration of contacts between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign. Some of the steps inside that template are shown below.

In the templates menu on your dashboard, your template will look like this:

You now want to replace the Salesforce dev app with the production one and then move the template to the production workspace. For that, open the menu for this template again as shown below.

Click on the Replace App option. A popup will appear for the details of replacing the apps.

Choose your original and new apps from the dropdowns as shown. Once you select your apps, you will see this:

All the activities associated with your Salesforce dev app inside the template will be presented as shown above. You can map these activities with their corresponding activities in your Salesforce production app that you can find in the dropdown. Make sure to carefully select and map the activities with their identical counterparts. Once mapped, it should look something like this:

After you’re done mapping the activities, just click on the replace button on the bottom. This will replace all the activities of your Salesforce dev app with the Salesforce production app and you will see a success message on the top.

Now if you open your template, you will see all the activities replaced in the steps. The template steps shown above will now look like this:

Notice that the Salesforce app in Step 0, as well as the Step 1.0 has been replaced. The rest of the template steps have been replaced similar to this.

Now that your app has been replaced, you can just move it to the Salesforce production workspace by following the method presented in the previous section.

Important: Make sure that you clone your template before moving it or replacing an app inside it. A backup always comes in handy in case you want to undo some irreversible changes.

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