Every app that you create brings its own separate workspace with it. A workspace is basically a dedicated section for each app where you can keep all the templates created against that app as the host. This helps you organize your apps and their respective templates better.

You can also move and manage your templates between different workspaces.

You can see your selected workspace on the top right corner of the Templates tab in your Dashboard.

As each app in your account will have a workspace, you can open the workspace dropdown and select your desired workspace. Any templates stored in that workspace will then become visible.

Using workspaces to implement staged rollout

You can move your templates between different workspaces. This specifically comes in handy when you have more than one version (or environments) of your app on Integry. You might want to create and test your integrations on your app’s developmental environment first, before moving them to your app’s final production environment. You can create both these versions of your app with us, and each will have its own workspace. You can then easily move your templates from one environment to the other.

This will help you implement a staged rollout for your users in short amount of time.

Along with this, you can also replace all the activities of one app in the template with another. This makes your transition of templates between apps even smoother.

Moving a template

In the Templates menu in your dashboard, you can view all existing templates inside the selected workspace. When you hover above a template, you can view a menu button at the top right corner as shown below.

To move a template from one workspace to another, click on the Move To option. This will open a popup asking you to select the workspace you want the template to be moved to.

Select the new workspace for your template from the drop-down and click on the Move button. This will move your template to the new workspace and you’ll see a success message.

Important: Make sure that you clone your template before moving it or replacing an app inside it. A backup always comes in handy in case you want to undo some irreversible changes.

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