The widget inside your app displays all templates against which your users can create integrations. Once a user selects a template, the integrations can be created in the following ways:

  1. A simple integration form
  2. Integration Creation Wizard

The Template Builder displays a toggle button, Wizard when you create a template, as shown below. 

If you turn the toggle button ON, the integration will be split in a series of steps like a wizard. A sequence of dialogue boxes will appear that will lead the user through well-defined steps.

Creating Integration through the Wizard

The wizard will take the user through a series of steps such as Providing Integration Name, Adding Third Party App Accounts, Data Mapping, Saving Integration etc.  The images below show a few steps of the template wizard. To move one step forward, the user needs to complete the previous step. This tutorial will use MailChimp as an example app. 

Creating Integration through a simple Form

In case you turn the toggle button, OFF. The user will view a simple integration form and will set up the integration when they provide the required information and click the Save button. 

You can select however you want the integration creation process to appear for your users.

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