Template Metadata will define how your template will appear in the widget. The metadata takes in the basic template info and branding details. The widget appears under the Settings tab of your app as shown below in the following figures.

List View


Grid View

Setting up the template metadata is the last step of the template creation process. At the end of the template creation step, you will be asked to provide details of the template as shown below.


The fields are explained below: 

Template Title: The title of the template that will appear in the widget. For the Grid View image the titles being - Drip contacts, SurveyMonkey, Constant Contact, etc. 


Template Description: This is the one-two liner description of what the template does as shown in the figures above. 



Wizard: The toggle button if turned on, displays the template as a multi-step wizard. For more, click here. 

Error Handling: This field takes in the URL that will be called if a user faces any error while creating an integration. 

Integration Creation Button Label: You can specify the template button text in the field such as Save Integration, Save, Done, etc.

The drop-down will display the list of apps being used in the template and set a template color accordingly. 

Lastly, click the Continue button to move to the Bundles page.

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