With cloning, you can duplicate existing activities (triggers & actions). The endpoints of the activity are also cloned. With Base URLs, you can also point cloned endpoints to a different server. 

Cloning activities can come in handy when you want to test a new version of API on an existing activity. You clone that activity and point it to the new API. Besides this, you can add a new capability to the cloned activity, test and publish it. With clone activities, you will no longer need to work on an activity from scratch, the requirements of which are already fulfilled by another existing activity.

Let’s see how an activity is cloned. 

Activity Cloning

A cloned activity is set to draft by default, no matter the app is published. The activity will only appear in your app and not in the Integry ecosystem. 

An action and a trigger are cloned the same way. We will walk through the process of cloning an action. 

Under the Actions tab in your app menu, you can view all existing actions. In front of the action name, you can view the Clone Action icon as shown below.   

When you click the Clone Action icon, a Clone Action popup appears on the screen. The form asks you to select the endpoints of that action you want to clone. If you do not select any endpoint, all endpoints will be cloned by default. In case you select one or multiple endpoints, only selected endpoints are cloned. The Clone Action form is shown below.

  • If you want to clone all endpoints, do not select any endpoint just click the Clone Activity button.
  • If you want to clone selected endpoints, select the endpoints and click the button. 

When you clone the action, a new action will appear at the end of the actions’ list as shown below. A number will be appended at the end of the action name, to indicate that action is cloned.  

The trigger is cloned the same way. Just go to Triggers tab, and select the trigger from the list of triggers to clone. 

Like activities, you can clone apps too. Learn more about app cloning. 

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