When a template is added to a bundle, your app users can view these templates in the widget inside your app. Save your templates as drafts and test them before rolling them out to your users. 

When you save a template as a draft, not all your users can view it. Only test users can view an unpublished template. Test users are explained later. But once a template is published, your app users can start creating integrations against them

At the bottom of the Bundles page you can view three buttons; Cancel, Save, Publish as shown below.

Cancel: It exits the template builder and takes you to templates listing page

Save: The copy of the template is saved as a draft (unpublished template)

Publish: The template is published

Once a template is published, you have limited modification ability. The particulars you can edit after publishing templates are as follows:

  • Metadata
  • Order of the step fields
  • Default value, required/optional, and visibility can be edited for existing fields.
  • If any new activity fields are available, they can be added to template steps but fields must be optional or must have a default value
  • Existing template can be deleted if there is no integration created for it

A few things that cannot be edited

  • New template step can not be added as we can not take input from user for this step for existing integrations

Test Users

Test users are those users who can view both unpublished and published templates in a widget. Test users help you with beta testing of your integrations. They can create integrations against the unpublished templates, and test the whole user experience. Once everything looks good, you publish the template. 

How can you create Test Users?

Visit the Account Settings tab in your dashboard as shown below

You need to provide the ID of the user you want to set as a test user. This is the ID you provide for that user to the Integry SDK in the embed code. The following images explain how the templates will appear for your test and other users in the widget. 

In the case of Test Users

In the case of Regular Users

The images above show the same bundle, but a test user can view both published and unpublished templates contrary to a regular user who can only see the published ones. The Github - Google Tasks template is unpublished. Once the test user tests it, you publish it from the Templates menu.  

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