Save your app as a draft and make changes to it later. When you save an app as a draft, a copy of the app is created at your end only. Other users (apps) cannot view the app in the template builder. Also, a draft app does not appear in our marketplace.  

Thoroughly test your app with test users, before rolling it out to your app users. Once the app is published, you have limited modification ability. You cannot edit all the parts of an app. A published app can be edited as follows: 

  • Basic info and distribution info can be edited
  • New endpoints can be created
  • Existing endpoints can be edited
  • Existing endpoints can be deleted if not used by any (authorizations or activities)
  • New authorizations can be created
  • Existing authorizations cannot be edited (because they can potentially break existing activities)
  • Existing authorizations can be deleted if not used by any activity
  • New activities (actions, triggers) can be created
  • Existing activities can be deleted if not used in any template

The critical details and parts of a published app cannot be edited because editing might break the existing integrations and the users might face inconvenience. 

Getting the app approved

To publish your app on our platform and the marketplace, you first need to get it approved by our team. When you submit an approval request the app is reviewed by our team. If the app is properly developed i.e. the authentication method, endpoints, activities, etc. are properly created the app is published and an email is sent to you. In case, the team identifies the need for a few modifications, you are notified about them via an email as well. 

The Distribution page in your App menu displays two buttons at the bottom of the page as shown below.

Save: Saves the app as a draft

Submit for Approval: Submits an app for approval. Once the app is approved it then appears in the template-builder, so that other users can create templates using your app. The app is also listed in our marketplace, which helps in app discovery. Our partners and other apps can search you easily and connect to you. 

As long as the app is in the submitted state, it is still saved as a draft and will not be visible to other users.

Canceling an approval request

When you submit an app for approval, you have the option to cancel it as well. For example, you submitted your app ‘MyApp’ for approval and a day later you realized you need to make changes in one of the endpoints, cancel the request, edit and submit it again. The Distribution page displays Cancel Edit & Review button at the bottom of the page (shown below) after you submit the request.   

A few things to keep in mind

  • Let's say you have created an app “MyApp” and saved it as a draft. You can edit and test the app later before submitting it for approval. The triggers and actions you create are also saved as drafts. When you submit the app for approval, the activities are also submitted automatically. An unpublished app cannot have a published activity.
  • If you cancel an app approval request, the activities’ requests are canceled automatically too.

Learn about Draft Activities and Draft Templates. 

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