My Jenkin jobs are not being triggered

You can enable error notifications for your integration so you will receive an actual reason of why a task was failed. If you are receiving “403 Forbidden” or “401 Unauthorized” errors, make sure that you have copied the build url correctly. Additionaly go to Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Configure Global Security, if “Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery exploits” option is enabled with “Default Crumb Issuer” option selected then you must have to enable “Enable proxy compatibility” option.

Where do I get my Jenkins API key

Click on your username on top right corner. Click on “configure” menu item. Under API Token, you will find your Jenkin’s user api token.

How do I configure outgoing webhook url

Jenkins does not by default have feature of sending data out using webhook urls. We recommend you enabling “Workplace Notifier” pluging, available here. After enabling this plugin, you will find Job Notifications configuration under your job configurations.

Happy Integrating!

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