The Integry connector for Slack connects our partner apps to Slack. You might have have stumbled upon here from one of our partner apps that uses Integry to connect to other apps. Integry helps connect apps with each other, making them more powerful. If you have any questions, please connect with us with the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen or send us an email on

What permissions on Slack do you use?

Integry uses the following permission

channels:read – Access information about user’s public channels. This allows us to choose the slack channel on which we can post to.

chat:write:bot – Send messages as Slack Connector. This allows us to post messages inside the Slack channel.

users.profile:read – Access user’s profile and team profile fields.This allows us to read your account name

How did I end up here?

On one of the apps you use, you clicked on an option to integrate with Slack. We (Integry) handle your app’s integration with Slack and thus you see us here.

Do you have access to my messages?

No. We do not ask for read permission for your message, private messages, channel messages, thread messages etc.

What is your privacy policy?

You can read our privacy policy in detail here and terms of service here.

How can I use this integration?

To use this integration, you’ll have to either use our partner apps or if you are an app owner, you can get in touch with us. Integry integrates with your app and gives your users in-app integration creation abilities. Your users don’t have to leave your app or create another account on another service. You can learn more here.

Happy Integrating!

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