The last step in app creation is to publish your app in our marketplace. It entirely depends on you. You can keep your app private or you can share it publicly. 

Under the Distribution tab in the app section you can make your app public. By public we mean, available in our marketplace.

Set the toggle button ON or OFF.

The other fields that you need to fill are as follows:

  • Terms and Services: The link to the terms and services section of your app. 
  • Privacy Policy: The URL to the privacy policy of your app.
  • Documentation: The URL to your API documentation.
  • Support Website: The URL to the support website of your app.

So to save your app you can view two buttons at the bottom of the page as shown below. 

Save: When you save the app, it is saved as a draft. It means a copy is stored at your end only and is not accessible to other apps. You can later edit the app, actions or triggers, test it completely and then submit for approval.
Submit for Approval: When you submit the app for approval, it is reviewed by our team. Our developers test the app for any issues in functionality etc. We also briefly go over the possible use cases the app is going to support. Once it's good to go the app along with it's activities are published. It appears in our marketplace and is accessible to other apps for creating templates.

Once the app is approved and published, you have very limited power to edit the app. For details, click here. To make changes to any critical or technical part of the app, we recommend you to create a new copy. 

You can also cancel the approval request to embed any changes in the app. As soon as you submit the request, you can view a Cancel Review and Edit button on the Distribution tab as shown below.

(Open the image in new tab and get a closer look)

Happy Integarting!

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