After the creation of the app, you need to configure the authorization of your app. Visit the the Authorizations tab in the App section. 


You can configure the authorization methods that Integry can use to access your API. 

We support many other popular authorization types too such as OAuth 2, OAuth 1, JWT etc. If you would like to use one of these authorization types for your app, then you can create a new Authorization. If you don’t need the default API-Key, you can delete it too. Learn more details about all the authorization types we support here. 

Testing an Authorization

When you create an authorization, you can test it right away. Below, the Authorizations heading you can view a Connected Accounts heading as shown below.

This helps you test whether the authorization you created works properly using an account of the app. To learn how to test an authorization, click here

We hope you find this article helpful. Now you can create following authorizations:

API-Key Authorization
Basic Authoization
OAuth Authorization

Happy Integrating!

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