The app is your work space. First, you need to configure your app with Integry then you can add templates in it. You can create multiple apps and work on them independently. The app creation process is a bit technical, let us see how to do it. 

When you log in to our Web App, under the Apps tab you can see the apps you already have as shown below.

To create a new app,  click the Create an App button. You will be directed to New App page.

The first step is to fill in the meta data of your app. The New App page asks for the following information

  • App Name: The name of your app
  • Short Description: One to two line brief introduction of your app
  • Long Description: The detailed description about the idea, need, functionalities, and features of your app
  • App Capabilities: The features and functionalities your app will provide to another integrated app
  • Category: You will select the category of your app from a drop-down list.
  • Keywords: These keywords related to your app will help people in discovering it
  • App Branding: The app logo and color 
  • Background color: Color of your app 
  • App URL: Link to your app
  • API Base URL: This is the API URL where all calls in the future will be sent and received from. 

You can provide multiple Base URLs. An app can have multiple abilities, not necessarily at the same server. 

The Base URL provides the app with a server where the apps can fetch various resources. For example, the base URL to your API is For your activities you need to fetch the list of projects and messages. The path to projects and messages being https;// and enter the constant part as Base URL. When you create endpoints you select the Base URL and provide the dynamic part. 

You can clone your app, to introduce new features to it or move your app from staging to production by just changing the Base URL.

The particulars filled in here are displayed in our marketplace on the landing page of your app. 

Once these details are filled in, Bingo! Click the Create App button and your app is added to our platform. 

Start setting up your new app page here.

A lot of detail and work still needs to go inside your app once you have filled in the basic information. The points you need to set up are 

Happy Integrating!

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